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Few Connect.

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Learn what effective people do differently in this workshop series based on John C. Maxwell's book of the same name. 

Learn the One Thing Standing Between You and Success!

Leadership expert John C. Maxwell states, "Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them." He explains that "the ability to communicate and connect with others is a major determining factor in reaching your potential. To be successful, you must work with others. To do that at your absolute best, you must learn to connect."

This 6-week workshop series guides you through Maxwell's proven method - Five Principles and Five Practices - so you can connect one-to-one, in a group setting, or with an audience. Once you take this workshop, you'll see all your relationships take a huge leap forward. After all, connecting goes way beyond words.

In this workshop, you'll learn how connecting with others always increases your influence in every situation. You'll learn that connecting is all about others and always requires energy from you. The good news is that learning to connect isn't just a natural talent you're born with but a skill you can develop.

Brian will show you how to connect on common ground and how to do the difficult work of keeping it simple. He will show you how 


What You'll Learn:

  1. Connecting increases your influence in every situation

  2. Connecting is all about others

  3. Connecting goes beyond words

  4. Connecting always requires energy

  5. Connecting is more skill than natural talent

  6. The Principles of Connecting

  7. The Practices of Connecting

Each of these training classes will help enhance your team's skill level. We hope you and your team find them beneficial and help build better leaders in your organization. Additional training opportunities are available upon request. Schedule a Discover Session with Brian Lovegrove and determine which free training would be best for your organization.

Free Training Opportunities

Power of Ingluence

45 - 60 Minutes

Obtain trainings, strategies, and ideas that are focused on developing the habits and skills you need to achieve the results you want.  You will get action steps on how to apply the material in your life immediately and practice it throughout the month.


All sessions have extended Q&As to ensure you understand the material and how to apply it to your life.


Time Mgt. & Productivity

45 - 60 Minutes

 Group coaching is where you challenge limiting beliefs and negative behaviors in order to develop a new level of awareness and learn new skills and mentalities.


Brian will work with one group member at a time while the rest of the group observes. You reflect on the questions being asked and learn how to apply lessons to your situation.  



Effective Communication

45 - 60 Minutes

Each member is invited to join a closed Facebook group where you can interact with the other seekers and staff to get help, support, and guidance when you need it.


We want this group to be a place where others can encourage one another.  Where you can share your successes and struggles and provide feedback and support with people who are on a similar journey.

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